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Monday, 19 February 2018
Essential Disciplinary Hearing Skills DVD
A NEW practical and comprehensive 50 minute training video, featuring acclaimed labour expert Tony Healy, entitled:


Which focuses on all aspects of investigating disciplinary cases, presenting a case at a disciplinary hearing as well as the role of the chairperson.

In addition, the following key issues are addressed:

  • How do I know if I have sufficient evidence to prove an employee guilty?
  • How should witnesses be prepared?
  • What if the employee objects to the selection of the chairperson?
  • What are the correct steps to follow in a disciplinary hearing?
  • What if an employee refuses to attend or fails to attend a hearing?
  • Is legal representation permitted at a disciplinary hearing?
  • What are the basic rules relating to the law of evidence?
  • How much proof in necessary to find an employee guilty at a disciplinary hearing?
  • What is the role of mitigation in a disciplinary hearing when it is considered?
  • How can an appropriate penalty be identified which can withstand scrutiny at the CCMA or Labour Court?
  • What is pre-dismissal arbitration?

    ...and much more!

This up-to-date, practical and comprehensive video is available in either:

  • DVD R1 100.10 incl. VAT
Postage & packaging R102.60

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