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IR/HR Manual



Not every case of assault should be met with dismissal

Assault is an understandably emotionally charged, category of assault, which more often than not, justifies dismissal.  It need not however always warrant dismissal. In the arbitration award in SACCAWU obo A. Carolus v Freshmark (Pty) Ltd [Case number 16835-18], it...

Trade unions must operate within their registered scope

Section 96 of the Labour Relations Act outlines the steps to be followed when a trade union or employer’s organisation wishes to register with the Department of Labour.  This process is relatively straightforward and includes the completion of a prescribed form, the...

A stratagem of dishonesty and deceit justifies dismissal

A recent 13 February 2020 Labour Appeal Court judgment in Autozone v Dispute Resolution Centre of Motor Industry & 2 others (Case number JA52/2015), it was confirmed that the attempted theft of R30.00 by an employee, does indeed amount to misconduct if such a...

Dismissal on grounds of ill health is fair if statutory obligations are met

Make no mistake, whilst dismissals on grounds of ill health can be fair in our law, as with all cases of dismissal, there are very specific procedures to be followed.  What makes these kinds of cases all the more challenging, is that there is no fault on the part of...

Employers can’t dismiss employees for a contempt of court charge

Many employers have experience of strike action, protected or otherwise, which results in unacceptable striker behaviour, such as intimidation and malicious damage to property.  The employer then trundles off to the Labour court to obtain an interdict to restrain the...