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Tony Healy & Associates is South Africa’s leading multi-disciplinary labour law and labour relations firm rendering professional litigation, consulting and training services to an extensive national client base including national and multi-national corporations, government institutions, and emerging businesses.


Suspending employees pending finalisation of investigations and hearings

Employees can be suspended from work in either of two ways.  The two species of employee suspension are precautionary suspension and punitive suspension.  Punitive suspension occurs when an employer offers an employee a period of suspension without pay, as an...

Lack of transport is no justification for late-coming and absenteeism

So, your car breaks down and you have no replacement; is your employer obligated to accommodate your absenteeism and late-coming that follows? No, they are not. This was he scenario in the Labour Court review application in National Nuclear Regulator v the CCMA &...

Labour Court gets tough on strikers flaunting picketing rules

Strikers, all too frequently, fail to comply with picketing rules, and elect, on the contrary, to behave in a violent and unlawful manner, causing mayhem.  This was the backdrop to the recent Labour Court case in Dis-Chem Pharmacies Ltd v Solly Malema and the National...

Sexual harassment is broadly defined

The best place to start when considering workplace sexual harassment is the Labour Relation Act’s Code of Good Practice on the Handling of Sexual Harassment Cases, which was published as far back as 1998. This Code addresses such critical aspects of sexual harassment...

Blatantly discriminatory racist remarks amount to serious misconduct

It should go without saying that racist remarks and language is abhorrent, and is treated as such in labour disputes, if proved. This was the subject matter in the Labour Court case of Juda Phonyogo Dagane v the Safety and Security Sectoral Bargaining Council &...