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Tony Healy & Associates is South Africa’s leading multi-disciplinary labour law and labour relations firm rendering professional litigation, consulting and training services to an extensive national client base including national and multi-national corporations, government institutions, and emerging businesses.


Changing job content is not always unfair

The changing of an employee’s job content is frequently a highly sensitive and troublesome process which often has the potential to spawn individual labour disputes, and at times, collective conflict.  It is not uncommon for employers to hear the refrain, “ .. but...

Ill health absenteeism requires investigation

Prolonged employee absenteeism due to ill health presents employers with a conundrum as lengthy or habitual absenteeism impacts on productivity.  One thing is certain, employers may not simply dismiss employees who are absent for a lengthy period, or have a pattern of...

SETA accredited training is the key to discipline competence

Regardless of the raft of imminent labour law amendments and the introduction of yet further regulation in workplace law, one thing will remain constant.  Discipline and dismissal will continue to account for in excess of all labour disputes country-wide.  This should...

The return of the closed shop

Closed shop agreements are provided for in section 26 of the Labour Relations Act (“LRA”), and are perhaps one of the the most thorny provisions of the LRA, and the most controversial in so far as the constitutionality of such agreements I concerned. Put differently,...

Employment begins on date of signature

The CCMA, on occasion, has been required to determine when an employment relationship has actually commenced. For some time there has been little clarity on whether employment commences on date of signature of an employment contract or offer of employment, or indeed...